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Alamogordo, New Mexico

Proximity to Interstates 10 & 25
by divided 4-lane U.S. Hwy. 70 67, 60 miles
Proximity to International Airport 86 Miles
Proximity to Juarez, Mexico 90 Miles

Electric Provider (115KV on site) Texas-New Mexico Power Company
El Paso Electric Company
Water Source City of Alamogordo
Sewer Type Oxidation Ditch Process
Natural Gas Providers Public Service Co. of NM
Telephone Providers Qwest (US West)

Real Estate
Single Family - Average Sales Price $80,000
Multi-Family Housing Occupancy Rate 80%
Average 2 Bed Apt. Rental $400 + a month

Workforce 20,229
Labor Employed 18,960
Radius of Labor Drawing Area County
Estimated Unemployment Rate 4.5% (9/99)

The 100-mile resident population is 2,454,500, of which 1-million reside in the United States. With this potential workforce a 90-minute one-way commute will fulfill all employers’ needs.

Community Facilities
Number of Churches 68
Number of Motel Rooms 800
Number of Hospitals 1
Number of Nursing Homes 2
Assisted Living Centers 2
Banks/Savings & Loans 7

Climatic Information
Annual Snowfall 4.5 inches
Annual Rainfall 11.2 inches
Average Noon Temperature for July 92o F
Average Day/Night Temperature for January 43o F
Elevation 4,350
Dry rust-free, corrosion-free environment

Number of Elementary Schools 11
Number of Middle Schools 3
Number of High Schools 1
Number of Private Schools 4
Total Enrollment in School District (K-12) 7,542
Average SAT score 600
Number of Public School Teachers 446
Universities within Commuting Distance 3

Seismic Statistics - USGS
10%PE in 50 yr. 5%PE in 50 yr. 2%PE in 50 yr.
PGA 5.532228 8.427146 14.45921
o.2 sec SA 12.43828 18.83190 35.01013
0.3 sec SA 11.39096 17.25570 29.34410
1.0 sec SA 3.687624 5.648259 9.586532
Alamogordo is seismically stable. Compare its statistics for zip code 88310 with your location, or with Lawrence Livermore National Labs, (zip code 94551) using the seismic hazard website:
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